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MorphyMail is a 100% Free email marketing software with which you can Create, Send & Track UNLIMITED bulk emails for free , for a lifetime. Create unlimited mailing lists and load unlimited subscribers.   *Each outgoing email will contain our logo in footer. If you wish to remove footer logo there is a one time fees of $59.

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Watch the video below to get started using Morphymail

Watch the video below to configure SendGrid SMTP in Morphymail

Unlimited Sending – FREE

Morphymail requires an SMTP server to relay emails. Although ANY FREE SMTP servers like turbosmtp, your website’s mailbox, multiple Gmail accounts in rotation etc. can be used, we highly recommend you to use Amazon SMTP or SendGrid SMTP along with Morphymail for 100% guaranteed inbox delivery. With AMAZON Simple Email Service (SMTP), user can send up to 50,000 emails every day for just $1 per each 10,000 emails sent with 100% guaranteed inbox delivery. Mailchimp users can save at least 70% of their annual cost for email marketing by shifting to morphymail with Amazon SMTP. Stop paying huge recurring fees for your email marketing today. Send unlimited emails for a one time fees using our  email sending software .

Attractive Email Setups

Our efficient mass mailing software is capable of composing lucrative emails. These emails are not just beautiful and eye-catchy. Rather they lead to successful conversion. With our bulk email blast software, it is possible to earn higher profits.

Our software is indeed the best bulk email sending software that offers numerous email templates free of cost. You can choose them from amidst different categories. Morphymail is a top-notch bulk email sender software that lets you create amazing layouts by using an embedded email editor. You can also use an external HTML editor.

Upload UNLIMITED Contacts

You can upload email list with unlimited contacts from csv or .txt file. Alternatively, you can create customizable web forms for your site to let your users subscribe in a few clicks; then record all collected data in one or more lists, to which you can send separate messages.

Full-Proof Analysis of Email Campaigns

Our bulk email software will provide you a proper analysis of your email campaigns. Google Analytics will also help you a great deal. Multiple factors, like purchases by customers, website subscriptions, etc. help in the analysis process. We also have a free email tracking service. It helps in efficient tracking of your campaigns. With its help, you can also check the open rate, click-through rate, and much more by using our bulk email software.

Fast & Easy Work

Choose from over 500 built-in Free Templates sorted under 24 categories. Edit it with your content , load your list and click send.

Create Result

100% INBOX DELIVERY guaranteed. Get better open rates and Click through rates.

Loads of Free Templates

Now it is possible to create astounding newsletters with the help of our best bulk email software. All you need to do is to simply alter the text content of over 500 built-in email templates that we offer for free. Our world-class embedded HTML editor makes it all easy for you.

Tailor-Made Forms for Your Website

When you use our bulk email sending software, we let you create tailor-make forms for your business website. MorphyMail will collect the data of all the visitors to your website. Simply begin with your email marketing automation software.

Built-In Email Verifier

You can quite easily check the email addresses to ensure validity. We make this possible by the utilization of a built-in email verifier module. It is quite easy to remove invalid emails from the list. This step is necessary before you send the emails for campaign purposes.

SMTP Rotation

As you use our bulk email sending software, you can easily add SMTP/IP accounts. You will find this feature extremely useful as it increases your sending limit. For instance, now it is extremely easy and convenient to register for Gmail accounts, that too for free, and then, you can send around 200×10 = 2000 emails in just a single click.

Spam Score Checker

We help you to eradicate spam keywords that clutter your content. We make this possible by utilizing our spam score checker. You will get the guidance of the SpamAssassin rule in order to bring modification in your content. Then send this to your client’s inbox.

Mailing in Schedule

Our email sending software lets you schedule your mail automatically. You can easily send them on a specific day at a specific time.

Process bounces & unsubscribers automatically

It is now possible to insert an unsubscribe link as per the requirements of the CAN-SPAM act. Our bulk email sending software helps in the automatic processing of the un-subscriptions. Email and web-based forms also help in the processing of the subscriptions.

Unlimited Lists & Recipients

You no longer be on the mercy of the subscription based email marketing services which restricts the number of recipients to which you can send email. MorphyMail allows you to send to unlimited recipients by creating unlimited lists.

Advanced Open/Click/Location Tracking

MorphyMail and Google Analytics let you know if, after reading emails, your customers purchase your products, subscribe to your website or meet the goals you set in your Google Analytics account. We also give for free, our email delivery tracking service via free web portal to track opens, clicks and geolocations of your recipients with functionality to export them to ms excel.


Find out why our customers tell us they like our products but LOVE our people.

I’ve been using it since 2014. I was amazed when i saw that this software is no-longer a paid product. I like the idea of offering MorphyMail Free to customers and chargable to advertisers. I donot want to upgrade to PRO Version and is very comfortable using the free version. 

Luke Harrison 1 St Peters Way Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP313RZ United Kingdom

[email protected]

I am using morphymail to send cold emails since past 9 months. I am glad that i got an open rate of around 5.5% to my california software companies email database and around 17 sales with the effort of just 3 weeks. Previously i searched google for a solution which can send promotional bulk emails to purchased lists and all websites which i found were only allowing to email to my own subscribers. I am glad that i found morphymail.

Linda Spearman 527-210 Oakland Ave, Winnipeg, ON, Winnipeg MB R2G 3G6 Canada

Email: [email protected]

We’re using weekly emails to inform our customers about product news and distribute tutorials. I recommend MorphyMail to all of you. Software is perfectly coded with all imaginable features needed for a bulk mailer software. Congrats!!!

Sandra Thomas 2875 Frances Lane Montgomery, IL 60538 United States

Email: [email protected]

Free Lead Generation Softwares For MorphyMail

We also offer facebook data extractor, google maps extractor, email and phone extractors and fresh email databases of all countries sorted by various categories for using with morphymail. You can enter your targeted keywords and locations in these softwares to generate unlimited email addresses of people who are are looking to buy your products and services and save them to ms excel or .txt and import it to morphymail. Our lead generation software is 100% Free and you can extract and save unlimited leads for lifetime.