Privacy Policy

We respect your your privacy and it is our duty to utilize it only for the purpose of serving you in the best way beneficial to you and your business.


Your privacy is extremely significant to us. We accumulate relevant consumer information to customize and intensify your experience with This consumer detail lets us interact with our clients about our services.

Subsequently, we have expanded this Privacy Policy to make you realize how we accumulate, utilize, interact and disclose and leverage private details. The below mentioned reflects our privacy policy. By visiting and utilizing, you admit the modes defined below.


When you buy something from our website, as a major aspect of the purchasing and offering process, we gather the individual data you give us, for example, your name, address, contact number, and email address.

When you peruse our website, we consequently get your PC’s IP deliver keeping in mind the end goal to give us data that helps us find out about your program and working framework.

Email advertising: We may send you promotional messages about our website, new services, and different updates.


How would we get your approval?

When you give us individual data to finish an e-commerce transaction, confirm your card, submit a request, arrange a conveyance or return/refund a purchase, we assume that you agree to our collecting and utilizing it for that particular reason as it were.

If we request your personal data for an auxiliary reason, such as advertising, we will either approach you specifically for your communicated assent or furnish you with a chance to state no.

How would you pull back your approval?

In the event that after you choose to participate or involve, you alter your opinion, you may pull back your approval for us to reach you, for the proceeded with accumulation, utilize or exposure of your data, at whatever time, by reaching us at


We may reveal your personal data if we are compelled by law to do as such or if you abuse our Terms of Service.


The third-party suppliers utilized by us will just gather, utilize, and reveal your data to the degree important to permit them to play out the service they give to us.

We utilize third-party payment service providers, for example, payment portals, scam exposure, and other payment transaction processors, have their individual privacy policies vis-a-vis the data we are needed to present to the payment service providers for our client’s purchase-related transactions. We don’t save credit/debit card, internet banking credentials or any other payment data.

For these suppliers, we prescribe that you read their security approaches so you can comprehend the way in which your own data will be taken care of by these suppliers.

Specifically, keep in mind that particular service provider might be located in or have departments that are established a separate administration than either you or us. So if you choose to continue with a transaction that includes the administrations of a third-party specialist organization, then your data may end up plainly subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that service provider or its offices are found.

For instance, if you are situated in Texas and your transaction is handled by a payment gateway situated in the newyork, then your personal data utilized in developing that transaction may be governed to divulgence under newyork legislation.

When you leave our website or are diverted to an outsider site or application, you are no longer represented by this Privacy Policy or our site’s Terms of Service.


To secure your private data, we avoid potential risk and take after industry best practices to ensure it is not improperly lost, abused, revealed, changed or pulverised.

We store all passwords in well-encrypted configuration. Data including name, telephone, and email address are saved safely on our servers.


As you peruse our website, your inclinations are recollected through brief utilization of cookies. Cookies empower our framework to screen the navigational inclinations. We May likewise utilize technologies to furnish you with an upgraded online display promoting customized to your interests.


By adopting, you entitled or appointed to act that you are at least the age of majority in your state or region of habitation, or that you are the age of majority in your nation or territory of habitation and you have given us your approval to grant any of your secondary dependents to use


We maintain all authority to alter this privacy arrangement whenever we feel the need of it, so please audit it as often as possible. Changes and elucidations will produce results quickly upon their posting on this site.

If our services are obtained or consolidated with another service provider, your personal data may be conveyed to the new owners so that we may remain active to sell services to you.


Should you have inquiries or recommendations concerning our privacy policy, please drop us a line at


  1. This Acceptable Use Policy applies to Morphymail Services, any URLs related to the main domains, all subdomains and Blog.
  2. To ensure proper maintenance of the Service, the Customer and/or User shall not misuse the Morphymail  Service and as a consequence, the Customer and/or User is obliged not to:
    • intentionally or unintentionally hinder the functioning of the Morphymail  Service, for example, by reverse engineering or hacking the Morphymail  Services, attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Morphymail  Services (or any of its portion) or related systems, networks or data;
    • Misrepresent or hide the data origin, content or other information submitted to the Morphymail  Service, among others by Spoofing, Phishing, manipulating headers or other identifiers, impersonating anyone else or access the Morphymail  Services via another User’s Account without their permission.
  3. The Customer and/or User shall not send via the Morphymail  Service or share in any other manner content which may be deemed to be malicious, illegal or inappropriate, including but not limited to:
    • content deemed to be SPAM, Spoofing, Phishing;
    • content related to pornography, sexual content, content displaying images or texts objectively recognized as offensive or cruel;
    • content related to racism, xenophobia, discrimination, hate speech, incitement to violence;
    • content related to or inciting fraudulent behaviours.
  4. The Customer and/or User is obliged to comply with this Privacy policy and subsequent documents constituting the Agreement. Morphymail reserves the right to permanently delete the Account of a person who violates the Agreement without any prior notice and shall have no responsibility for any costs arising out of the result of such deletion.
  5. The Customer and/or User is responsible for the accuracy, legality and adequacy of data entered into the Morphymail  Service by the Customer and/or User, data entered into the Morphymail Service by Prospects, as well as for every content shared through the Morphymail  Service.
  6. Morphymail shall have no responsibility for how Customers and/or Users process data (including Personal Data) inserted and gained through the Morphymail  Service. Upon using the Service, Customers and/or Users should obey the law of their country, as well as the law of the countries they send their emails to.
  7. As a condition of using the Morphymail  Service the User shall:
    • as required by applicable law, provide notice to its Prospects and obtain consents if required to outreach to the persons;
    • be responsible for its employees, representatives, affiliates that have access to the Morphymail  Services;
    • comply with any limitations or restrictions set forth in this Agreement;
    • use the Morphymail  Services only in compliance with applicable law both national and international including court orders (if applicable).
  8. The Customer and/or User is responsible for secure storage of passwords and logins leading to the Accounts related to the Morphymail Service. Morphymail shall have no responsibility arising out of reckless or negligent credentials storage by the Customer and/or User.