Warning About Amazon SMTP – Based on the previous experiences of our customers.

Many of our customers who had previously used Amazon SMTP along with morphymail for sending bulk emails to purchased email lists / extracted email lists has faced account shut down / suspension from Amazon. According to the Amazon policy, Amazon SES can only be used for sending emails to your own subscribers (ie those emails which you have collected through forms in the website or emails with whom you already have a prior relationship). This is because for purchased lists, spam complaint ratio is higher than subscribed lists. Hence, we recommend all our customers who would like to send emails to purchased/extracted lists to go for morphymail smtp or gorillacontact web based solution for your safety. Gorilla Contact uses multiple IPS in rotation with power MTA in background along with proper SPF/DKIM/DMARC settings, and it is a unique technology specifically meant for sending emails to purchased lists.


Free Amazon SMTP Server Setup For MorphyMail PRO Users

Instructions regarding how to set up Amazon SMTP server to use along with morphymail is given below. If you feel that the below setup cannot be done by self, we offer this free setup when you purchase MorphyMail PRO Version from us so that you can send up to 50K emails every day for just $1 per each 10K emails using Amazon SES. CLICK HERE to purchase morphymail pro version now.

How to set up the Amazon Simple Email Service (SMTP) for MorphyMail?

Amazon Simple Email Service is an SMTP relay service offered by Amazon.  After signing up for Amazon SES, user will get the SMTP Settings from Amazon, which he/she can insert in the SMTP settings window of MorphyMail to send up to 50K emails per day.  Cost of Amazon SMTP Server is just $1 per each 10,000 emails sent.

After signing up for Amazon SES, a user will have to input his credit card information in the Amazon website. Amazon will automatically debit the user’s credit / debit card after 30 days according to usage at the rate of $1 per each 10K emails. There is no upfront fee to be given to Amazon to use their services. User can send up to 50K emails per day for 30 days without any payment.





STEP 1:  Signup for Amazon simple email service by following the link –

STEP 2:  Enter your credit or debit card information when it is asked.

STEP 3:  Complete phone verification if asked.

STEP 4:  Go to the following URL:
Choose region as N. Virginia

STEP 5: From left panel, Click Domains→Verify A New Domain
Then enter the domain name of your website. You should have a live website with valid content in order to apply for Amazon SES.

Once you have verified your domain name, you will get TXT records.

STEP 6:  Go to the hosting control panel of your website (cPanel/Plesk) and take “Zone Editor” or “Advanced Zone Editor” from cPanel and enter the TXT record provided by Amazon in the DNS records.

STEP 7:  Create a mailbox in cPanel / Plesk of your website, which you will be using as your sender email ID.

STEP 8:  From Amazon SES control panel left side menu, take “Email Addresses”→Verify a new email address. Then enter your email ID associated with your domain.  Amazon will send you a confirmation email. Open that email and click the link in it to confirm your email address.

STEP 9:  Take “Sending Statistics” from left side menu of Amazon and “Request a sending limit increase” and fill in the form.
Amazon staff will then review your website and will approve your Amazon SES account and enable your Amazon account for sending real emails by uplifting your account from the sandbox state. You will get a confirmation in your email when Amazon has increased your sending limits, after which you will be able to send real emails.

STEP 10:  From left panel of Amazon control panel, take “SMTP Settings”.  Copy the server name and port number to a TXT file. Then click Create My SMTP Credentials→Create→Show User SMTP Security Credentials. Copy the SMTP username and password to a TXT file.

STEP 11:  Open MorphyMail, take “Settings”→SMTP→SMTP Settings and input the server name, port number, username, password. Enable the TLS check box. Then click Add this SMTP→Save and close

STEP 12:  You are all ready to go. Compose your email in MorphyMail, import your list and start sending emails.