The first White Label with no Upfront fee and direct install. Start your software company for free.

Start Your Own Software Company Without Any Investment

Generate passive income online using white label email marketing software. All without any coding skills. Sell white label products and earn recurring income. Escape the boring 9-5 routine and become your own boss. Best for young ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS.

Launch Your Business In Minutes – FREE

Become CEO of your own email marketing software company without spending even $1. Sell our software in your own branding at any price you fix. Get a fully designed website and rebranded software 100% Free. All what you need is the ability to market your website/product. All what we need in return is a fixed royalty fees of $35 per each copy you sell. 

Free training

Our dedicated staff will give full technical training to you regarding our products. But you have to give technical support to your clients. We offer weekly training through google meet, whatsapp and email for free.

24/7 technical support

You can chat with our support staff in our website or contact your dedicated account manager via whatsapp or skype for free technical support regarding the issues faced by your customers. It is a free service.

Fix Any Price For Your Product

You can sell morphymail to your clients by fixing any price for it according to your sole discretion. For example,If you sell 10 copies in a month for $99, your net profit would be $990-$350=$640.

Available in 36 countries

Accept payments from anywhere in the world using credit card, paypal, stripe, perfect money or bitcoin 


Your website will be hosted on our servers for lifetime free. We offer premium wordpress hosting with free SSL certificate for all our partner websites.

Who is MorphyMail White Label Program Perfect For?


Upgrade your marketing service business by offering a world class email marketing software to your clients. Integrating high-end software within your agency has never been easier.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be scary sometimes. But not MorphyMail. You can now launch your own software company and start your online business quickly and easily.


Are you still stuck with a 9-to-5 job you hate? Do you dream of becoming a CEO of your own business but doesn’t have the time and coding skills to develop a product? No problem. Launch your side-business in minutes, not months or years.


You know how to drive traffic and generate leads but donot have a nicely converting product to sell. Start right now with just one click. We have over 14 software products other than morphymail for you to sell. If you’ve ever dreamt about solely focusing on marketing, that possibility is now a reality.


Monetizing a blog can be hard sometimes. Selling MorphyMail can change that. Simply create a subdomain for your blog and sell the perfect email marketing software for your audience ― all in your own brand name and logo.

Consulting Companies

Want to add an additional revenue stream to your business? Adding morphymail email marketing software to your package offers your clients the solutions they need to grow their business faster.

Start your Internet business today

In less than 10 minutes, you can create what would have taken you months or years to do.

1. Hook Up A Domain

Buy a new domain, use your own, or simply create a subdomain. Redirect it to our servers and get started immediately.


If you already have a logo, that is fine or else you can goto to make a logo for your product free and submit to us.


We will integrate your payment gateway with your white label website free of cost. If you donot have a payment gateway to accept credit cards, you can signup for or paypal which is 100% free.

We can do the support & sales for you!

If you are a non-technical person who knows how to bring traffic to your white label website but donot want to study or give technical support or handle sales, donot worry , our experienced staff will do that for you at an additional cost of $10 per copy.  You can then concentrate only on marketing. Both sales and support will be handled by us.

What our partners say about us.

We were selling email databases since past 6 years. We tried to develop an email marketing software by ourself but failed due to the lack of proper resources. I am glad that partnership with morphymail has changed our entire business a lot. Our clients are perfectly happy with the software and thanks to the morphymail team.

Joseph Henry

I am a sales person with over 11 years experience working in infosys. With the connections and contacts i had in infosys i was able to market the morphymail software successfully in my state. It is almost impossible for any newbie to develop a product like morphymail since it is so advanced and rich in features. I am glad that i found this site and am now engaged as a full time businessman promoting morphymail.

Krishna Ramamurthy

Employee - Infosys

I run a web design company in nigeria. My clients were surprised when we announced the launch of our new product. They never knew that morphymail is behind the picture and thought it is our own product. Selling this software has not only helped us earn additional revenue but the credibility of our web design services has also increased.


Edime Joeshua
Email: [email protected]

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