Report An Abuse

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability: MorphyMail’s Policy on Legal and Ethical Email Marketing Practices 

Morphymail email marketing products are meant for promoting your legitimate products, abiding by the laws of your country, as well as the law of the countries you send your emails to.

Our Customer and/or User(s) must strictly follow the law enforced by their country while using our  products for email marketing.

We’re doing our best to make the web a better place, and we want your help. If you find illegal or offensive material, or get spam email from the Customer and/or User(s), You can report abuse using the reporting form below. The information you submit will be kept confidential. We will take strict disciplinary action by suspending their account, if they found guilty.

Violations we look out for include software piracy, copyright infringement, sharing pornographic material, defamation of others, and unsolicited email communication. While we are not responsible for users’ behavior, we do take strict disciplinary action against offenders.