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Specialty Databases are not advertised in this page. They are generated on-demand from our 500 Million worldwide database as per requirement of the customer. (For example:  musicians / bands in UK, or psychiatrists in California) – Please fill the above form to get free sample of speciality databases.

Secure Your Purchase: Flexible Payment Options Available (Perfect Money, Western Union, Bitcoin, MoneyGram or Bank transfer)

Databases are in MS Excel (csv) format with full fields like name, email, phone, postal address, website, designation, category etc.
If you are not satisfied with any database after purchase, you can get replacement database by sending email to

Price details of verified records

*One verified record means one row in the ms excel(csv) file with all fields/columns like full name, email, mobile number, postal address, linkedin url etc

Buy 25,000 verified records  for $39

Buy 50,000 verified records  for $59

Buy 100,000 verified records  for $99

Buy 200,000 verified records  for $189

Buy 500,000 verified records  for $389

Buy 1Million verified records  for $599

Buy 2Million verified records  for $1198

Buy 3Million verified records  for $1797

Buy 5 Million verified records  for $2995

Buy 10 Million verified records  for $5990

Please allow 6-24 hours for the delivery of all custom/filtered databases after making the payment

Pricing given on left are for general databases and for speciality databases, custom pricing applies

Unique Database Delivery: Ensuring Exclusivity and Verification Accuracy

We deliver exclusive database on a one-to-one basis. i.e… the database delivered to you will not be sold to the next person. For example, if you order 50k verified records of the USA b2b database, we will validate 1 to 50,000 records from the total 7.5 million list and give to you. When next customer orders, we will validate 50,001 to 100,000 records from the same list and give to him. If the database we sell cannot be exclusive, we will inform the number of customers to which the database has been sold before, to you before you purchase it, via email.

All validations / verifications / list cleaning are done only after we receive payment from you on real time using our in-house and other paid validation tools. Hence, there is a delay of 6 to 24 hours for delivering the databases. We do not sell unverified databases.

United States All shopify Stores Email Leads
(LinkedIn facebook,Twitter,Instagram Page ID's)
7,60,000DB001BUY NOW
United States B2B Email Database7.5 MillionDB002BUY NOW
Nigeria B2C Database with GSM verified Numbers100 MillionDB003BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Database with verified phone numbers4,00,000DB004BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Database2 MillionDB005BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Database with Fb Links
1.4 MillionDB006BUY NOW
UK B2C Email Database
1 MillionDB007BUY NOW
SA Business Leads
23 millionDB008BUY NOW
Australia Business Email Leads
2,50,000DB009BUY NOW
LinkedIn Extracted Global Decision Makers Email Database15 MillionDB010BUY NOW
American continent B2B Email Database10 MillionDB011BUY NOW
Australia B2B Mobile Leads3,50,000DB012BUY NOW
European business Leads (16 Countries)7 MillionDB013BUY NOW
Australia Business Leads
1.6 MillionDB014BUY NOW
Nigeria B2C Email Database
5 MillionDB015BUY NOW
Australia B2B WhatsApp Leads
50,000DB016BUY NOW
Canada Business Leads

2,00,000DB017BUY NOW
China Business Leads
3,50,000DB018BUY NOW
Oman b2b
Saudi database

250kDB020BUY NOW
Japan Business Leads

1,70,000DB021BUY NOW
NZ Business Leads

1,80,000DB022BUY NOW
Singapore Email Database721kDB023BUY NOW
UAE consumer leads

29 kDB024BUY NOW
USA job seekers

1.5 millionDB025BUY NOW
USA veterinarians
USA Business Leads

23 millionDB027BUY NOW
USA B2B Email Leads

4 MillionDB028BUY NOW
USA Investors Leads
1.6 MillionDB029BUY NOW
USA donors300kDB030BUY NOW
USA gym database
500kDB031BUY NOW
USA job seekers
2 millionDB032BUY NOW
Kuwait b2b35kDB033BUY NOW
USA B2C Mobile Leads35 MillionDB034BUY NOW
Malaysia b2b Email Database60kDB035BUY NOW
Germany B2B Email Database
260kDB036BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Database5 MillionDB037BUY NOW
Facebook extracted leads(worldwide)
3 MillionDB039BUY NOW
Indian Instagram users
600kDB040BUY NOW
AUS B2C Email database with phone number
750kDB041BUY NOW
Australia whatsapp data
2,50,000DB042BUY NOW
Greece Email data160kDB043BUY NOW
Asia Domain Leads312kDB044BUY NOW
USA traders
1.6 millionDB045BUY NOW
Global data
1 millionDB046BUY NOW
Europe Decision Makers Database
50,000DB047BUY NOW
India B2B Leads
100 MillionDB048BUY NOW
USA dentist
Southafrica120 kDB050BUY NOW
Singapore Business Leads
2,00,000DB051BUY NOW
UAE B2B & B2C leads
4,00,000DB052BUY NOW
UK Business Leads
1.5 MillionDB053BUY NOW
UK Decision Makers Leads
5,44,000DB054BUY NOW
USA real estate
1 MillionDB055BUY NOW
181 kDB056BUY NOW
USA Decision Makers Leads
3,50,000DB057BUY NOW
USA Homeowners Leads
3 MillionDB058BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Leads
350 MillionDB060BUY NOW
USA B2C Mobile Leads
35 MillionDB061BUY NOW
USA Domain Owners.
3 MillionDB062BUY NOW
145kDB064BUY NOW
USA B2C cable
1 MillionDB065BUY NOW
Spain B2C
550kDB066BUY NOW
Germany b2c
2 MillionDB067BUY NOW
Ireland Email database
Netherland b2c
325kDB069BUY NOW
France Emails
1 MillionDB070BUY NOW
EU Forex leads94kDB038BUY NOW
B2C Global Database940KDB108BUY NOW
2021 USA Email Database1millionDB118BUY NOW
Australia LinkedIn Database150kDB119BUY NOW
Austria B2B100kDB094BUY NOW
Austria data132kDB136BUY NOW
Belgium b2b270kDB079BUY NOW
Belgium b2c178kDB127BUY NOW
Canada b2b137kDB100BUY NOW
Canada b2b511kDB102BUY NOW
casino email data212kDB134BUY NOW
China b2b350kDB103BUY NOW
Czech republic b2b585kDB096BUY NOW
Denmark b2b75KDB095BUY NOW
France emails2.37 MillionDB097BUY NOW
France FB leads36kDB110BUY NOW
Germany400 kDB083BUY NOW
Germany b2b262kDB123BUY NOW
Germany FB leads47kDB109BUY NOW
global LinkedIn sample15 millionDB074BUY NOW
Hungary b2b25KDB090BUY NOW
Iceland emails38kDB139BUY NOW
Indonesia FB leads10kDB112BUY NOW
Italian Email database10 MillionDB125BUY NOW
Italy b2b317kDB082BUY NOW
LinkedIn35 million +DB075BUY NOW
LinkedIn35 MillionDB129BUY NOW
Netherlands b2b513kDB091BUY NOW
Nigeria emails350kDB131BUY NOW
Nigeria FB leads15kDB111BUY NOW
Norway b2b184kDB089BUY NOW
Poland b2b568KDB088BUY NOW
Portugal b2b102KDB087BUY NOW
Portugal data77kDB135BUY NOW
Russia email data179kDB133BUY NOW
Scotland data230kDB137BUY NOW
Singapore b2b250kDB104BUY NOW
Slovakia b2b147kDB085BUY NOW
Slovakia b2b Emails900kDB086BUY NOW
South Africa b2b database100kDB117BUY NOW
Spain b2b781KDB078BUY NOW
Spain data969kDB138BUY NOW
Sri Lanka b2c1.5 millionDB105BUY NOW
Sweden b2b 213kDB077BUY NOW
Switzerland b2b132kDB081BUY NOW
UAE Mobile number database109kDB124BUY NOW
UK b2b370KDB084BUY NOW
UK B2B Email Database1.5 MillionDB115BUY NOW
UK B2C Email database with phone numbers60kDB073BUY NOW
UK mobile data250kDB122BUY NOW
Ukraine b2b17.4kDB080BUY NOW
USA B2B1.8 MillionDB126BUY NOW
USA B2B Email database5 MillionDB072BUY NOW
USA B2C1 MillionDB130BUY NOW
USA B2C database7 MillionDB116BUY NOW
USA B2C Email database3.4 MillionDB071BUY NOW
USA B2C Email Leads300 MillionDB113BUY NOW
USA Consumer database100kDB076BUY NOW
USA FB data127kDB132BUY NOW
USA gamblers1 millionDB106BUY NOW
USA Home owners data10 MillionDB120BUY NOW
USA physicians350kDB107BUY NOW
World wideDB101BUY NOW
Worldwide LinkedIn CEO database413kDB121BUY NOW
B2B Global Database372KDB145BUY NOW
Canada emails5 millionDB140BUY NOW
Thailand b2c emails30kDB141BUY NOW
USA fb email Database500kDB142BUY NOW
Australia emails1 millionDB143BUY NOW
USA Business Owners Email and Mobile Number Database (2021)1millionDB144BUY NOW
Morphymail is in its best efforts to be constantly compliant with the Applicable Laws, during its data collection and processing activities. We sell databases legal in all countries.  The Customer and/or User shall not use the database Service to send or share in any other manner content which may be deemed to be malicious, illegal or inappropriate(Refer privacy policy). Upon using our database Service, Customers and/or Users should obey the law of their country, as well as the law of the countries they send their emails to. If you find any illegal activity using our database, submit a report of abuse by clicking the link below.