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Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed MorphyMail in such a way that you can use it without depending us by learning from the video tutorials by self.

Why do we recommend AMAZON SES for MorphyMail ?

Like any bulk email software MorphyMail also require an SMTP to relay emails. AMAZON SIMPLE EMAIL SERVICE is the best SMTP provider for MorphyMail because you can send upto 50,000 emails every day for just $1 per each 10,000 email sent with 100% guaranteed inbox delivery using amazon smtp. 

Why do you offer MorphyMail for FREE?

Each outgoing email send using MorphyMail contains one line of text in the footer which is an advertisement from our sponsors. You have to pay us if you wish to remove the footer advertisment.  Our sponsors pay us for the marketing and development of MorphyMail so that we are able to give it for FREE to our clients.

How to configure Amazon SMTP Server with MorphyMail ?

We have prepared a video which explains how you can signup for a free Amazon SES Account (Simple Email Service – SMTP provided by Amazon) and configure it with MorphyMail – WATCH VIDEO HERE

What are the main objectives of MorphyMail?

MorphyMail is a Bulk email marketing software designed to send email messages automatically. It is aimed to solve main email marketing tasks like email addresses search, lists management, user subscription and unsubscription, sending email newsletters and monitoring the results.

What are the advantages of using Amazon SES with MorphyMail?

Amazon SES provides 100% guaranteed inbox delivery and is priced at $1 per each 10,000 emails. You can send upto 100,000 emails every day using it.  It is post paid billing where you need to pay Amazon only after you send the emails.  While it costs around $100 to send around 70,000 emails at most common email service providers, you can send same 70,000 emails for just $7 if you use MorphyMail with Amazon SES.

How can bulk email marketing software influence your business?

In today’s competetive world, being on search engines is not enough: sales are a matter of trust. Your Web visitors become your customers when you give them the content they’re searching for through regular email campaigns send periodically. Statistics shows that over 70% of your visitors who fills up forms in your website does that out of curiosity and it is upto you to grow their small interest to a sale by educating them about your products and mass mailing services through periodic newsletter campaigns. Otherwise your website traffic remains untapped.