Dream Girl Foundation

Caring for Children: Our Commitment

MorphyMail had always believed in the power of giving back to the community. Over the years, the company has actively engaged in philanthropic events, supporting causes ranging from education and healthcare to environmental sustainability. The leadership at MorphyMail recognizes the responsibility that comes with corporate success and has consistently sought ways to contribute positively to society. By prioritizing social responsibility, MorphyMail has become a beacon of corporate goodwill.

In this new synergistic initiative, MorphyMail and Dream Girl Foundation, have joined hands to raise fund for Dream Girls Foundation’s health campaign. With a track record of impactful projects, Dream Girl Foundation has successfully touched the lives of many, breaking the cycle of poverty and providing opportunities for a brighter future. The foundation focuses on empowering underprivileged children and women through education, healthcare, and skill development programs and MorphyMail aims to serve as a catalyst in this noble journey.

By pooling resources and expertise, the partnership aims to create sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing society today. This collaboration goes beyond financial contributions, fostering a genuine commitment to social change.

The current health campaign undertaken by Dream Girl Foundation aims to aid seven-year-old Yatharth recover from the deadly disease of blood cancer. Yarthath’s mother, Priyanka Devi is a single parent and the mounting treatment bills and medical expenses have become a tough pedal for her. Yatharth has been admitted to Sri Ganga Ram Hopital and is under treatment since the 14th of July and underwent four (4) chemotherapy sessions. His rest treatment requires Rs. 15 lakhs, creating a huge dilemma for Yatharth’s Family. Let us all thus, do the least we can to give this young angel a new, happy, healthy life.