Best Email Marketing Software

MorphyMail: Your Partner in Creating Successful Mailing Strategy

For all the young, innovative, and enthusiastic start-up owners, here’s a piece of good news! MorphyMail has introduced its pioneer email marketing software. At MorphyMail, we know how to do email marketing the right way. With a huge client base and years of experience, we are indeed one of the best email marketing software companies across the globe.

Are you questioning what sets us apart from the rest of our rivals and competitors? Then go ahead and read on! You will soon know why we are the best at what we do:

Creation of Attractive and Elegant Campaigns

With our email marketing software, you can easily come up with attractive, interesting, and engaging email campaigns. Our drag and drop builders help you to come up with some of the best email campaigns. There are multiple responsive templates available in our template library. Feel free to choose any according to your purpose and preference.

Time Optimization

If you are unsure about the right time for sending your email campaigns, then we are here to help you. Our email marketing software helps you in figuring out the perfect algorithm for email marketing. By using our best email marketing software, you can experience an up to 15% increase in the opening rates.

A/B Test

With our efficient email marketing software, we let you enhance your results with the help of A/B testing of the subject lines. We will provide you hard data to help drive your decisions. We have one of the best email marketing software that helps you in making consistent improvements. You will be able to view your improvements gradually.

Advanced Reports

Is it possible to optimize anything that you are unable to measure? With MorphyMail, you get to use heat maps. Thus, you will be able to get detailed information about the clicks of your contacts, geographic reporting, their interaction with your emails, and so on. This much data is enough for doing proper analysis and optimization.

Limitless Contacts

We offer a powerful and effective tool for our clients. Also, you will enjoy the benefit of having limitless contacts. We let you use conditional logic so that you can personalize your communication. Also, it is possible to enhance the rate of reactivity.

Landing Pages

At MorphyMail, we enable you to grow and develop your contact list. You can also set up special operations for marketing use with the help of our drag and drop editor for landing pages.

Advantages of Email Marketing software with MorphyMail

Here are a few advantages to email marketing. Try our software to experience the following benefits:

Easy to Commence email marketing software

With our software, you won’t be needing a huge team to start email marketing. Our simple yet effective software will let you achieve goals quite conveniently.


Emails are exceedingly easy to share. Suppose a subscriber likes a specific mail. He will be able to share that particular easily with his friends and family in just a single click. Thus, your email will reach out to more people.

Try using MorphyMail’s email marketing software today for upgrading your email marketing business.