How to setup my website mailbox (SMTP) with MorphyMail?

Many website hosting providers allows the email addresses associated with your domain (For eg as SMTP with morphymail.

Here are the settings which should be used in morphymail smtp settings window incase you are planning to use your website’s email address as your smtp for sending bulk emails.

Server Name/Host Name:
PORT:   25 (without checking ssl or tls)   OR
465 (With Checking SSL checkbox)   OR
587  (with Checking TLS checkbox)
Username:    your email address (eg:
Password:    password of your email address

Please note that most hosting companies set limitations for the number of emails that can be send per hour using a single mailbox.

Inorder to over come this limitation, you can create multiple email accounts of same domain as smtps in your smtp settings window and the smtps will shift and rotate after every single email is being send.



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