1. Morphy Unlimited SMTP Server can be used for opt-in email marketing as well as cold email marketing.
  2. When we deliver a fresh server to you, your mail-tester.com score will be 10/10 and all emails will be delivered 100% to inbox.
  3. Number of emails you can send using morphy unlimited smtp server depends upon the spam complaint rates, your bounce percentage, the spammyness of your content and your engagement rate. ie number of replies you receive for your campaigns.
  4. If you are using morphy servers for cold email marketing, you should do the warmup either by self or by using third party providers which we provide before sending emails in full stretch. If warmup is not done and full capacity is utilized from day 1 for cold email , delivery rates will be affected as the spam complaints comes in.
  5. Warmup is a process in which small quantities of emails are send initially to establish sender reputation which can be slowly increased along with time.
  6. If spam complaint rates are negligible and engagement rate is good, you can send unlimited emails at a maximum speed of 1500 emails per hour.
  7. You must clean your email lists using the cloud based email verifier which we gives you before sending, to reduce the bounces and to maintain sender reputation. If bounce rates are high for your campaigns, delivery rates will be affected.
  8. You will get daily alerts on your email with information whether ip/domain is blacklisted in anti-spam houses. If ip/domain is blacklisted, you should stop your sending for 7 days until you are delisted.
  9. Once in every 3 months you can get a fresh server on a fresh domain and ip free of cost. This is needed if your old server is blacklisted due to spam complaints.
  10. We reserve the right to give you no refund if domain reputation is affected due to the effect of increased spam complaints. But you can cancel your subscription any time by going to our contact us page.
  11. It is your responsibility to put an unsubscribe link provided by our software in each campaigns and process the bounces so that you donot send any emails again to recipients who have unsubscribed from your list.
  12. We donot have provision to send reminders before each subscription renewals. If you wish to cancel the subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription before the renewal date.