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Morphymail with SendGrid SMTP gives high inbox delivery.

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How to integrate SendGrid SMTP with Morphymail ?

Step1: Create your SendGrid account for free.

  1.  Go to www.sengrid.com
  2.  Click Start For Free
  3.  Enter your email id and password
  4.  Check the “I am not robot “ checkbox
  5. Check the accept conditions option.
  6. Click Create Account.
  7. Enter your details and click Get started button. Answer the questions, if any and complete your sign up.   

Step2 : Login to your SendGrid account.

1.Go to www.sengrid.com

2. Click Sign in, login page appears

3. Enter login details and click Login

Step3 : Authenticate Sender.

To authenticate sender first you need to verify your domain and then you need to verify an email id in that domain


Steps for Sender domain verification.

  1. In SendGrid Dashboard, select Sender Authentication under Settings from leftside panel.
  2. Click Authenticate your domain button.
  3. Select your domain’s DNS host from the dropdown. If you don’t know about that , then select I’m not sure option. If you know the DNS host but is not listed in the dropdown then select Other host(Not listed) option and enter your DNS host.
  4. Select no for rebrand links option and Click next
  5. Enter your domain and click next
  6. You will get 3 CNAME records.
  7. Login to your Domain’s hosting cPanel
  8. Go to DNS settings/Zone editor option
  9. Add each record as CNAME records.
  10. Once all the 3 records are added, go back to SendGrid CNAME records page.
  11. Check  “I have added…..” option and click Verify button.
  12. You will get verified message.

Steps for Sender email id verification

  1. In SendGrid Dashboard, select Sender Authentication under Settings from leftside panel.
  2. Click Verify a single sender option
  3. Click Create Sender button.
  4. Enter the sender name that will appear as From name in the received mails.
  5. Enter sender email id as any email id in your sender domain.
  6. Enter all other details and click  Create button.
  7. A verification email will be send to this email id. Login to the email and open the sender verification email from SendGrid and click Verify button.

Step4 : Generate SMTP Password(or API Key).

1. Login to your SendGrid account. Select Apikey under Settings in the leftside panel of Dashboard

2. Click Create Apikey.

3. Give a name for your Apikey and check Full access option and Click Create & view.

4. Click on the key to copy it and save it in a text file for future reference.

5. Click Done button

Step5 : Configure your SendGrid SMTP in Morphymail Software.

  1. Open Morphymail software
  2. Go to SMTP under Settings option in leftside navigation panel.
  3. Click on SMTP settings button in SMTP Settings window
  4. The Single SMTP Settings window appears.
  5. Enter the SendGrid SMTP details in it as shown and enter your long Apikey as password.
  6. Click Test Connection and enter your SendGrid sender email id as From Email Address and any other email id as To Email address.
  7. Click OK
  8. You will get Mail sent successfully 
  9. Click Save button to save the smtp to your morphymail software.