Morphymail is an advanced email marketing software which contains many features which may be difficult to understand by your own in the beginning. Although it is 100% free, it is as advanced as other paid tools available in the market.

Some users might find difficult in choosing the right smtp server and also finds problem in configuring it with morphymail. Some would like to use free smtp servers like gmail or your website hosting mailbox but donot know how to do it. Some others have questions related to sending emails to purchased email lists. Some others might already be using big email marketing giants like mailchimp and wants to reduce their email marketing costs while having the same features as mailchimp.

Inorder to understand it better, we offer free 15 minutes live demonstration via Teamviewer where in our staff will access your pc/laptop and will explain each and every feature of morphymail and how you can grow your business using it.

You will also get answers to your doubts and questions related to email marketing niche in general.

We have total 15 years experience in email marketing niche and can help you master the techniques using which you can get more sales to your business via email marketing.