Terms and Conditions

  1. Moprhy SMTP Server is basically used for sending cold emails to purchased email lists without the fear of shutdown unlike other email service providers.


  1. Using Morphy SMTP Server , you will get 100% inbox delivery only to private mailboxes.(example [email protected]) and emails to all public mailboxes like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc will only land in spam folder.


  1. For Morphy SMTP Server, after paying the setup fees of $69 to us, the recurring payment of $6/month has to be paid directly to our datacenter , the link to make payment will be given to you after you pay the setup fees to us .


  1. If you donot do IP warmup during the first week of installation of your server, and start sending the email campaigns in its full capacity starting from day 1 , your ips will get blacklisted quickly. We will give you instructions regarding how to do the ip warmup for your server which has to be followed so that you can use your server for long term without blacklisting issues.


  1. if spam complaints for your email campaigns are more than the threshold, the domain name and ip address of your server will get blacklisted which will affect the further delivery rates of your emails.


  1. If the domain or ip of your server gets blacklisted, we can request for ip whitelisting to the anti-spam organizations on your behalf. We may require additional information like your full name, organization name and postal address, the content of the email campaign you are sending etc to submit to the anti-spam organizations for ip white listing. You must stop sending email campaigns for 7 days until your ips get white listed.


  1. If the ip white listing request is denied by the anti-spam organizations, you can purchase additional ips for your server at the rate of $3/ip/per month. We charge a one time installation fees of $39 for re-installation of your server with the new ips.


  1. Morphy SMTP server should be purchased only if you want to send bulk emails to purchased email lists. If you wish to send emails to your own subscribers, you should go for amazon simple email service or sendgrid smtp to use along with morphymail since you will get 100% inbox delivery guaranteed to both public and private mailboxes.


  1. Payment of $6/month for morphy smtp server has to be done directly to our datacenter in france whose link will be given after you pay the setup fees of $69. Our datacenter only accepts paypal and credit cards and not any other payment methods.


  1. If you donot have paypal or credit card , you must pay $16/month using perfect money or bitcoin or other offline methods to our accounts and we can purchase the vps from our datacenter on behalf of you.
  2. We donot support usage of morphy smtp server for sending any kind of illegal or anti-social emails like fake lotto, huge fund transfer or phishing or deceiving type of emails. We reserve the right to terminate your server without a refund if such activities are reported by your recipients to our datacenter.


  1. We provide one month of free support along with morphy smtp server. For getting technical support from us after one month, we charge $39/month.
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