Cold emailing, through the current times, is one of the best ways to get access to new clients. But it needs to be done well because the marketing hemisphere is competitive and your customers are likely to be getting multiple options from your competitors.
A host of factors make cold emailing a preferable alternative for your digital marketing campaigns.

1.It’s nearly free

One occasionally comes across a paid tool for cold emailing. But otherwise, it’s free.

2.Lets you get personal

You get to directly access your target audience and send personalized emails.

3.Results are quickly obtained

In case your default customer profile has an interest in your services, you can expect to receive some responses. The odds of receiving a response will be higher still when you send a follow-up email.

4.There’s room for experimentation and split tests

If one approach does not yield the desired outcomes, you can tweak elements such as templates and subject lines.

A guide for writing an email to a potential client

Cold emailing is easy to conduct by oneself, even when one holds no prior experience with it.

1.List your prospects

Figuring out the default customer persona will let you be sure about who might be seeking your services or who can benefit from your services. You may want to segregate potential clients by industry, budget, company size, and pain points to resolve. Online research or the use of relevant tools should do the needful for you.

2.Prepare an attractive subject line

People receive way too many emails each day. The subject line is often the sole factor they use to determine whether or not to open an email. While the subject line should be self-explanatory, it should be captivating and short.

3.Come up with a strong opener

A strong opening line will entice managers and CEOs to read on. When the template is good, half the battle is won.

4.Carefully curate your pitch

Sales talk from the subject line is to be avoided. One should build credibility and trust before getting down to business.

5.Add social proof

Social proof is vastly defined as a third person’s verification of the quality of your services. Quotes, case studies, testimonials, and video testimonials do the needful here. Keeping this section short is known to work better.

6.Keep the CTA strong

Your target customer might not be sure of how to go about in response to your email. So, the CTA has to be strong and placed well for high visibility.

7.Add an email signature

An email signature gives credibility to the email’s sender. The reader is sure about why he should be reading the email.

8.Follow-up emails increase the odds of getting business

It typically takes five follow-up emails to close a sale. So, writing a single cold email might not do the needful. It is better to have an entire series of emails ready for you.

Morphy unlimited SMTP server is a premium tool that lets you organize and manage follow-up emails. Doing this using Gmail is relatively more difficult and time-consuming as the email marketer could lose track.

9.Track the results of your cold email campaigns

Tracking your cold emails lets you monitor the performance of each of the related aspects so you can further optimize them. This includes the subject line, open rates, reply rates, length, value proposition being offered, and the number of follow-ups.

Business, through the current times, is entirely data-driven. In terms of analytics, Morphy unlimited SMTP server is peerless.

Morphy unlimited SMTP server: a proven tool for maximizing the returns from cold email marketing

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