Bulk email

Email marketing has taken another turn in this digital age. Before sending bulk email, you must know few things to make your campaign successful. Myriads of businesses have invested in email marketing, and they have amassed various forms of benefits.  Email campaigns can drive in sales and patronage.

Failed delivery is one of the issues that every Email marketer hates. It is very important for the mails to be delivered to the targets. Deliverability is the measure of the ability of Emails to be delivered to the inbox of the target. It is not possible to accrue sales if your marketing mails are not delivered to your target. 

Renderbility is another important factor in email marketing. A combination of deliverability and renderbility is known as Deliverenderbility. MorphyMail offers a high deliverability index by ensuring a good blend of deliverability and renderability.

The stress and the time spent in typing Emails will be wasted if the mails are not delivered to the targets. A mail that displays partially is tantamount to a mail that has not been sent.


Deliverenderbility is a coinage of the two words – deliverability and renderability. The two words are related in so many ways. The technique employed in mail delivery is the same as the technique employed in other email functionalities. Deliverenderbility is the key to successful Email Marketing campaigns because email delivery is not enough, but the mails should be delivered in the right format.

Email Certification

Email certification is very vital in ensuring that Emails are not only delivered, but are delivered in the right format. Return Path services are excellent in Email certification. It is also important for email messages to be delivered with the right pictures, Videos, and links attachments. The attachments are usually stripped-off if everything is not done right. The return paths allow the attachments to remain in place till Email delivery in the reader’s inbox.

Using a service like Return Path to certify your emails helps to ensure that links, pictures and videos arrive with the email instead of being stripped-off while in transit. You can capture the attention of readers by using Graphics. Picture messages generate massive positive returns and it generates great leads for the sender.

Best Practices in bulk email

Email marketers should ensure that they carry out safe email practices by attaching the ideal picture and video sizes. Image and video sizes can affect deliverability. It is advisable for the sizes to be kept low and within the recommended limit of at most 90kb.  Most email marketers make a serious mistake by attaching many Images in a single Email message. Deliverenderability of Emails is usually affected by the number of pictures in the Mail; hence; it is not advisable to send mail containing images only.

Always ensure that you combine texts and images in your Emails. A good blend of Graphics and text is quite desirable for a successful Email campaign because the delivery rate and reading rate are affected by the size and the number of Images attached.


On the whole, the key to successful email marketing campaign is deliverability and renderability. It is very imperative for every Email marketer to spend ample time to analyze deliverenderability of their marketing messages. After delivery, the messages should be rendered efficiently to the readers in a way they can view successfully with little or no hitches.

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